PortTCPUDPIANA status[1]Description
N/AN/AUnofficialIn programming APIs (not in communication between hosts), requests a system-allocated (dynamic) port[5]
1YesAssignedOfficialTCP Port Service Multiplexer (TCPMUX). Historic. Both TCP and UDP have been assigned to TCPMUX by IANA,[1] but by design only TCP is specified.[6]
5AssignedAssignedOfficialRemote Job Entry[7] was historically using socket 5 in its old socket form, while MIB PIM has identified it as TCP/5[8] and IANA has assigned both TCP and UDP 5 to it.
7YesYesOfficialEcho Protocol[9][10]
9Yes, and SCTP[11]YesOfficialDiscard Protocol[12]
11YesYesOfficialActive Users (systat service)[14][15]
13YesYesOfficialDaytime Protocol[16]
15YesNoUnofficialPreviously netstat service[1][14]
17YesYesOfficialQuote of the Day (QOTD)[17]
18YesYesOfficialMessage Send Protocol[18][19]
19YesYesOfficialCharacter Generator Protocol (CHARGEN)[20]
20Yes, and SCTP[11]AssignedOfficialFile Transfer Protocol (FTP) data transfer[10]
21Yes, and SCTP[11]AssignedOfficialFile Transfer Protocol (FTP) control (command)[10][11][21][22]
22Yes, and SCTP[11]AssignedOfficialSecure Shell (SSH),[10] secure logins, file transfers (scpsftp) and port forwarding
23YesAssignedOfficialTelnet protocol—unencrypted text communications[10][23]
25YesAssignedOfficialSimple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP),[10][24] used for email routing between mail servers
37YesYesOfficialTime Protocol[25]
42AssignedYesOfficialHost Name Server Protocol[26]
43YesAssignedOfficialWHOIS protocol[27][28][29]
49YesYesOfficialTACACS Login Host protocol.[30] TACACS+, still in draft which is an improved but distinct version of TACACS, only uses TCP 49.[31]
51ReservedReservedOfficialHistorically used for Interface Message Processor logical address management,[32] entry has been removed by IANA on 2013-05-25
52AssignedAssignedOfficialXerox Network Systems (XNS) Time Protocol. Despite this port being assigned by IANA, the service is meant to work on SPP (ancestor of IPX/SPX), instead of TCP/IP.[33]
53YesYesOfficialDomain Name System (DNS)[34][10]
54AssignedAssignedOfficialXerox Network Systems (XNS) Clearinghouse (Name Server). Despite this port being assigned by IANA, the service is meant to work on SPP (ancestor of IPX/SPX), instead of TCP/IP.[33]
56AssignedAssignedOfficialXerox Network Systems (XNS) Authentication Protocol. Despite this port being assigned by IANA, the service is meant to work on SPP (ancestor of IPX/SPX), instead of TCP/IP.[33]
58AssignedAssignedOfficialXerox Network Systems (XNS) Mail. Despite this port being assigned by IANA, the service is meant to work on SPP (ancestor of IPX/SPX), instead of TCP/IP.[33]
61ReservedReservedOfficialHistorically assigned to the NIFTP-Based Mail protocol,[35] but was never documented in the related IEN.[36] The port number entry was removed from IANA’s registry on 2017-05-18.[1]
67AssignedYesOfficialBootstrap Protocol (BOOTP) server;[10] also used by Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
68AssignedYesOfficialBootstrap Protocol (BOOTP) client;[10] also used by Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
69AssignedYesOfficialTrivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP)[10][37][38][39]
70YesAssignedOfficialGopher protocol[40]
71–74YesYesOfficialNETRJS protocol[41][42][43]
79YesAssignedOfficialFinger protocol[10][44][45]
80Yes, and SCTP[11]AssignedOfficialHypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)[10][46][47][48]
NoYesUnofficialQUIC, a transport protocol over UDP (still in draft as of March 2019), using stream multiplexing, encryption by default with TLS, and currently supporting HTTP/2.[49] QUIC has been renamed to HTTP/3, which is currently an Internet Draft.
81YesUnofficialTorPark onion routing[verification needed]
82YesUnofficialTorPark control[verification needed]
83YesAssignedOfficialMIT ML Device, networking file system [50]
88YesAssignedOfficialKerberos[10][51][52] authentication system
90YesYesUnofficialPointCast (dotcom)[1][third-party source needed]
95YesAssignedOfficialSUPDUP, terminal-independent remote login [53]
101YesAssignedOfficialNIC host name[54]
102YesAssignedOfficialISO Transport Service Access Point (TSAP) Class 0 protocol;[55][56]
104YesYesOfficialDigital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM; also port 11112)
105YesYesOfficialCCSO Nameserver[57]
107YesYesOfficialRemote User Telnet Service (RTelnet)[58]
108YesYesOfficialIBM Systems Network Architecture (SNA) gateway access server
109YesAssignedOfficialPost Office Protocol, version 2 (POP2)[59]
110YesAssignedOfficialPost Office Protocol, version 3 (POP3)[10][60][61]
111YesYesOfficialOpen Network Computing Remote Procedure Call (ONC RPC, sometimes referred to as Sun RPC)
113YesNoOfficialIdent, authentication service/identification protocol,[10][62] used by IRC servers to identify users
YesAssignedOfficialAuthentication Service (auth), the predecessor to identification protocol. Used to determine a user’s identity of a particular TCP connection.[63]
115YesAssignedOfficialSimple File Transfer Protocol[10][64]
117YesYesOfficialUUCP Mapping Project (path service)[citation needed]
118YesYesOfficialStructured Query Language (SQL) Services[jargon]
119YesAssignedOfficialNetwork News Transfer Protocol (NNTP),[10] retrieval of newsgroup messages[65][66]
123AssignedYesOfficialNetwork Time Protocol (NTP), used for time synchronization[10]
126YesYesOfficialFormerly Unisys Unitary Login, renamed by Unisys to NXEdit. Used by Unisys Programmer’s Workbench for Clearpath MCP, an IDE for Unisys MCP software development
135YesYesOfficialDCE endpoint resolution
YesYesOfficialMicrosoft EPMAP (End Point Mapper), also known as DCE/RPC Locator service,[67] used to remotely manage services including DHCP serverDNS server and WINS. Also used by DCOM
137YesYesOfficialNetBIOS Name Service, used for name registration and resolution[68][69]
138AssignedYesOfficialNetBIOS Datagram Service[10][68][69]
139YesAssignedOfficialNetBIOS Session Service[68][69]
143YesAssignedOfficialInternet Message Access Protocol (IMAP),[10] management of electronic mail messages on a server[70]
152YesYesOfficialBackground File Transfer Program (BFTP)[71][importance?]
153YesYesOfficialSimple Gateway Monitoring Protocol (SGMP), a protocol for remote inspection and alteration of gateway management information[72]
156YesYesOfficialStructured Query Language (SQL) Service[jargon]
158YesYesOfficialDistributed Mail System Protocol (DMSP, sometimes referred to as Pcmail)[73][importance?]
161AssignedYesOfficialSimple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)[74][citation needed][10]
162YesYesOfficialSimple Network Management Protocol Trap (SNMPTRAP)[74][75][citation needed]
170YesYesOfficialNetwork PostScript print server
177YesYesOfficialX Display Manager Control Protocol (XDMCP), used for remote logins to an X Display Manager server[76]
179Yes, and SCTP[11]AssignedOfficialBorder Gateway Protocol (BGP),[77] used to exchange routing and reachability information among autonomous systems (AS) on the Internet
194YesYesOfficialInternet Relay Chat (IRC)[78]
199YesYesOfficialSNMP Unix Multiplexer (SMUX)[79]
201YesYesOfficialAppleTalk Routing Maintenance
209YesAssignedOfficialQuick Mail Transfer Protocol[80]
210YesYesOfficialANSI Z39.50
213YesYesOfficialInternetwork Packet Exchange (IPX)
218YesYesOfficialMessage posting protocol (MPP)
220YesYesOfficialInternet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), version 3
259YesYesOfficialEfficient Short Remote Operations (ESRO)
264YesYesOfficialBorder Gateway Multicast Protocol (BGMP)
300YesUnofficialThinLinc Web Access
308YesOfficialNovastor Online Backup
311YesAssignedOfficialMac OS X Server Admin[10] (officially AppleShare IP Web administration[1])
318YesYesOfficialPKIX Time Stamp Protocol (TSP)
319YesOfficialPrecision Time Protocol (PTP) event messages
320YesOfficialPrecision Time Protocol (PTP) general messages
350YesYesOfficialMapping of Airline Traffic over Internet Protocol (MATIP) type A
351YesYesOfficialMATIP type B
356YesYesOfficialcloanto-net-1 (used by Cloanto Amiga Explorer and VMs)
366YesYesOfficialOn-Demand Mail Relay (ODMR)
370YesYesOfficialcodaauth2, Coda authentication server
YesOfficialsecurecast1, outgoing packets to NAI‘s SecureCast servers[81]As of 2000
371YesYesOfficialClearCase albd
383YesYesOfficialHP data alarm manager
384YesYesOfficialA Remote Network Server System
387YesYesOfficialAURP (AppleTalk Update-based Routing Protocol)[82]
388YesAssignedOfficialUnidata LDM near real-time data distribution protocol[83][84]
389YesAssignedOfficialLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)[10]
399YesYesOfficialDigital Equipment Corporation DECnet (Phase V+) over TCP/IP
401YesYesOfficialUninterruptible power supply (UPS)
427YesYesOfficialService Location Protocol (SLP)[10]
433YesYesOfficialNNSP, part of Network News Transfer Protocol
434YesYesOfficialMobile IP Agent (RFC 5944)
443Yes, and SCTP[11]AssignedOfficialHypertext Transfer Protocol over TLS/SSL (HTTPS)[10]
NoYesUnofficialQuick UDP Internet Connections (QUIC), a transport protocol over UDP (still in draft as of July 2018), using stream multiplexing, encryption by default with TLS, and currently supporting HTTP/2.[49]
444YesYesOfficialSimple Network Paging Protocol (SNPP), RFC 1568
445YesYesOfficialMicrosoft-DS (Directory Services) Active Directory,[85] Windows shares
YesAssignedOfficialMicrosoft-DS (Directory Services) SMB[10] file sharing
464YesYesOfficialKerberos Change/Set password
465YesNoOfficialURL Rendezvous Directory for SSM (Cisco protocol)[importance?]
YesNoOfficialAuthenticated SMTP[10] over TLS/SSL (SMTPS)[86]
475YesYesOfficialtcpnethaspsrv, Aladdin Knowledge Systems Hasp services
491YesUnofficialGO-Global remote access and application publishing software
500AssignedYesOfficialInternet Security Association and Key Management Protocol (ISAKMP) / Internet Key Exchange (IKE)[10]
502YesYesOfficialModbus Protocol
504YesYesOfficialCitadel, multiservice protocol for dedicated clients for the Citadel groupware system
510YesYesOfficialFirstClass Protocol (FCP), used by FirstClass client/server groupware system
512YesOfficialRexec, Remote Process Execution
YesOfficialcomsat, together with biff
514YesUnofficialRemote Shell, used to execute non-interactive commands on a remote system (Remote Shell, rsh, remsh)
NoYesOfficialSyslog,[10] used for system logging
515YesAssignedOfficialLine Printer Daemon (LPD),[10] print service
520YesOfficialefs, extended file name server
YesOfficialRouting Information Protocol (RIP)
521YesOfficialRouting Information Protocol Next Generation (RIPng)
524YesYesOfficialNetWare Core Protocol (NCP) is used for a variety things such as access to primary NetWare server resources, Time Synchronization, etc.
525YesOfficialTimed, Timeserver
530YesYesOfficialRemote procedure call (RPC)
533YesOfficialnetwall, For Emergency Broadcasts
540YesOfficialUnix-to-Unix Copy Protocol (UUCP)
542YesYesOfficialcommerce (Commerce Applications)
543YesOfficialklogin, Kerberos login
544YesOfficialkshell, Kerberos Remote shell
546YesYesOfficialDHCPv6 client
547YesYesOfficialDHCPv6 server
548YesAssignedOfficialApple Filing Protocol (AFP) over TCP[10]
550YesYesOfficialnew-rwho, new-who[87]
554YesYesOfficialReal Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)[10]
556YesOfficialRemotefs, RFS, rfs_server
560YesOfficialrmonitor, Remote Monitor
563YesYesOfficialNNTP over TLS/SSL (NNTPS)
564YesUnofficial9P (Plan 9)
585Port 993?UnofficialLegacy use of Internet Message Access Protocol over TLS/SSL (IMAPS), now in use at port 993.[88]
587YesAssignedOfficialemail message submission[10][89] (SMTP)
591YesOfficialFileMaker 6.0 (and later) Web Sharing (HTTP Alternate, also see port 80)
593YesYesOfficialHTTP RPC Ep Map, Remote procedure call over Hypertext Transfer Protocol, often used by Distributed Component Object Model services and Microsoft Exchange Server
601YesOfficialReliable Syslog Service — used for system logging
604YesOfficialTUNNEL profile,[90] a protocol for BEEP peers to form an application layer tunnel
623YesOfficialASF Remote Management and Control Protocol (ASF-RMCP) & IPMI Remote Management Protocol
625YesNoUnofficialOpen Directory Proxy (ODProxy)[10]
631YesYesOfficialInternet Printing Protocol (IPP)[10]
YesYesUnofficialCommon Unix Printing System (CUPS) administration console (extension to IPP)
635YesYesOfficialRLZ DBase
636YesAssignedOfficialLightweight Directory Access Protocol over TLS/SSL (LDAPS)[10]
639YesYesOfficialMSDP, Multicast Source Discovery Protocol
641YesYesOfficialSupportSoft Nexus Remote Command (control/listening), a proxy gateway connecting remote control traffic
646YesYesOfficialLabel Distribution Protocol (LDP), a routing protocol used in MPLS networks
647YesOfficialDHCP Failover protocol[91]
648YesOfficialRegistry Registrar Protocol (RRP)[92]
653YesYesOfficialSupportSoft Nexus Remote Command (data), a proxy gateway connecting remote control traffic
654YesOfficialMedia Management System (MMS) Media Management Protocol (MMP)[93]
655YesYesOfficialTinc VPN daemon
657YesYesOfficialIBM RMC (Remote monitoring and Control) protocol, used by System p5 AIX Integrated Virtualization Manager (IVM)[94] and Hardware Management Console to connect managed logical partitions (LPAR) to enable dynamic partition reconfiguration
660YesAssignedOfficialMac OS X Server administration,[1] version 10.4 and earlier[10]
666YesYesOfficialDoom, first online first-person shooter
YesUnofficialairserv-ngaircrack-ng‘s server for remote-controlling wireless devices
674YesOfficialApplication Configuration Access Protocol (ACAP)
688YesYesOfficialREALM-RUSD (ApplianceWare Server Appliance Management Protocol)
690YesYesOfficialVelneo Application Transfer Protocol (VATP)
691YesOfficialMS Exchange Routing
694YesYesOfficialLinux-HA high-availability heartbeat
695YesOfficialIEEE Media Management System over SSL (IEEE-MMS-SSL)[95]
698YesOfficialOptimized Link State Routing (OLSR)
700YesOfficialExtensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP), a protocol for communication between domain name registries and registrars (RFC 5734)
701YesOfficialLink Management Protocol (LMP),[96] a protocol that runs between a pair of nodes and is used to manage traffic engineering (TE) links
702YesOfficialIRIS[97][98] (Internet Registry Information Service) over BEEP (Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol)[99] (RFC 3983)
706YesOfficialSecure Internet Live Conferencing (SILC)
711YesOfficialCisco Tag Distribution Protocol[100][101][102]—being replaced by the MPLS Label Distribution Protocol[103]
712YesOfficialTopology Broadcast based on Reverse-Path Forwarding routing protocol (TBRPF; RFC 3684)
749YesYesOfficialKerberos (protocol) administration[10]
750YesOfficialkerberos-iv, Kerberos version IV
751YesYesUnofficialkerberos_master, Kerberos authentication
752YesUnofficialpasswd_server, Kerberos password (kpasswd) server
753YesYesOfficialReverse Routing Header (RRH)[104]
YesUnofficialuserreg_server, Kerberos userreg server
754YesYesOfficialtell send
YesUnofficialkrb5_prop, Kerberos v5 slave propagation
760YesYesUnofficialkrbupdate [kreg], Kerberos registration
782YesUnofficialConserver serial-console management server
783YesUnofficialSpamAssassin spamd daemon
802YesYesOfficialMODBUS/TCP Security[105]
808YesUnofficialMicrosoft Net.TCP Port Sharing Service
829YesAssignedOfficialCertificate Management Protocol[106]
830YesYesOfficialNETCONF over SSH
831YesYesOfficialNETCONF over BEEP
832YesYesOfficialNETCONF for SOAP over HTTPS
833YesYesOfficialNETCONF for SOAP over BEEP
843YesUnofficialAdobe Flash[107]
847YesOfficialDHCP Failover protocol
848YesYesOfficialGroup Domain Of Interpretation (GDOI) protocol
853YesYesOfficialDNS over TLS (RFC 7858)
860YesOfficialiSCSI (RFC 3720)
861YesYesOfficialOWAMP control (RFC 4656)
862YesYesOfficialTWAMP control (RFC 5357)
873YesOfficialrsync file synchronization protocol
888YesUnofficialcddbp, CD DataBase (CDDB) protocol (CDDBP)
YesUnofficialIBM Endpoint Manager Remote Control
897YesYesUnofficialBrocade SMI-S RPC
898YesYesUnofficialBrocade SMI-S RPC SSL
902YesYesUnofficialVMware ESXi[108][109]
903YesUnofficialVMware ESXi[108][109]
953YesReservedOfficialBIND remote name daemon control (RNDC)[110][111]
981YesUnofficialRemote HTTPS management for firewall devices running embedded Check Point VPN-1 software[112]
987YesUnofficialMicrosoft Remote Web Workplace, a feature of Windows Small Business Server[113]
989YesYesOfficialFTPS Protocol (data), FTP over TLS/SSL
990YesYesOfficialFTPS Protocol (control), FTP over TLS/SSL
991YesYesOfficialNetnews Administration System (NAS)[114]
992YesYesOfficialTelnet protocol over TLS/SSL
993YesAssignedOfficialInternet Message Access Protocol over TLS/SSL (IMAPS)[10]
MaybeMaybeUnofficialInternet Relay Chat over TLS/SSL (IRCS). Previously assigned, but not used in common practice.
995YesYesOfficialPost Office Protocol 3 over TLS/SSL (POP3S)[10]
1010YesUnofficialThinLinc web-based administration interface[115]
YesYesUnofficialz/OS Network File System (NFS) (potentially ports 991–1023)[78][79][116]

Registered ports

This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries.

The range of port numbers from 1024 to 49151 (210 to 214 + 215 − 1) are the registered ports. They are assigned by IANA for specific service upon application by a requesting entity.[1] On most systems, registered ports can be used without superuser privileges.

PortTCPUDPDescriptionIANA status[1]
YesNative IPv6 behind IPv4-to-IPv4 NAT Customer Premises Equipment (6a44)[117]Official
1029Microsoft DCOM servicesUnofficial
1058YesYesnim, IBM AIX Network Installation Manager (NIM)Official
1059YesYesnimreg, IBM AIX Network Installation Manager (NIM)Official
1080YesYesSOCKS proxyOfficial
1098YesYesrmiactivation, Java remote method invocation (RMI) activationOfficial
1099YesAssignedrmiregistry, Java remote method invocation (RMI) registryOfficial
1109Reserved – IANAOfficial
YesKerberos Post Office Protocol (KPOP)[citation needed]Unofficial
1113Assigned[note 1][118]Yes[119]Licklider Transmission Protocol (LTP) delay tolerant networking protocolOfficial
1119YesYesBattle.net chat/game protocol, used by Blizzard‘s games[120]Official
1167Yes, and SCTPYesCisco IP SLA (Service Assurance Agent)Official
1198YesYesThe cajo project Free dynamic transparent distributed computing in JavaOfficial
1218YesNoWilliam POWEROfficial
1220YesAssignedQuickTime Streaming Server administration[10]Official
1234YesYesInfoseek search agentOfficial
YesVLC media player default port for UDP/RTP streamUnofficial
1241YesYesNessus Security ScannerOfficial
1270YesYesMicrosoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) (formerly Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM)) agentOfficial
1293YesYesInternet Protocol Security (IPSec)Official
1311YesYesWindows RxMon.exeOfficial
YesDell OpenManage HTTPS[121]Unofficial
1314??Festival Speech Synthesis System server[122]Unofficial
1337Yesneo4j-shell[citation needed]Unofficial
Yes?Sails.js default port[123]Unofficial
YesWASTE Encrypted File Sharing Program[citation needed]Unofficial
1341YesYesQubes (Manufacturing Execution System)Official
1344YesYesInternet Content Adaptation ProtocolOfficial
1352YesYesIBM Lotus Notes/Domino (RPC) protocolOfficial
1360YesYesMimer SQLOfficial
1414YesYesIBM WebSphere MQ (formerly known as MQSeries)Official
1417YesYesTimbuktu Service 1 PortOfficial
1418YesYesTimbuktu Service 2 PortOfficial
1419YesYesTimbuktu Service 3 PortOfficial
1420YesYesTimbuktu Service 4 PortOfficial
1431YesReverse Gossip Transport Protocol (RGTP), used to access a General-purpose Reverse-Ordered Gossip Gathering System (GROGGS) bulletin board, such as that implemented on the Cambridge University‘s Phoenix systemOfficial
1433YesYesMicrosoft SQL Server database management system (MSSQL) serverOfficial
1434YesYesMicrosoft SQL Server database management system (MSSQL) monitorOfficial
1492YesSid Meier’s CivNet, a multiplayer remake of the original Sid Meier’s Civilization game[citation needed]Unofficial
1494YesYesCitrix Independent Computing Architecture (ICA)[124]Unofficial
1500YesIBM Tivoli Storage Manager server[125]Unofficial
1501YesIBM Tivoli Storage Manager client scheduler[125]Unofficial
1503YesYesWindows Live Messenger (Whiteboard and Application Sharing)[126]Unofficial
1512YesYesMicrosoft’s Windows Internet Name Service (WINS)Official
1513YesYesGarena game client[citation needed]Unofficial
1521YesYesnCUBE License ManagerOfficial
YesOracle database default listener, in future releases[when?][127] official port 2483 (TCP/IP) and 2484 (TCP/IP with SSL)Unofficial
1524YesYesingreslock, ingresOfficial
1527YesYesOracle Net Services, formerly known as SQL*Net[128]Official
YesApache Derby Network Server[129]Unofficial
1533YesYesIBM Sametime Virtual Places ChatOfficial
1534NoYesEclipse Target Communication Framework [130]Unofficial
1540YesYes1C:Enterprise server agent (ragent)[131][132]Unofficial
1541YesYes1C:Enterprise master cluster manager (rmngr)[131]Unofficial
1542YesYes1C:Enterprise configuration repository server[131]Unofficial
1545YesYes1C:Enterprise cluster administration server (RAS)[131]Unofficial
1550YesYes1C:Enterprise debug server[131]Unofficial
YesGadu-Gadu (direct client-to-client)[citation needed]Unofficial
1560–1590YesYes1C:Enterprise cluster working processes[131]Unofficial
1581YesYesMIL STD 2045-47001 VMFOfficial
YesIBM Tivoli Storage Manager web client[125]Unofficial
1582–1583YesIBM Tivoli Storage Manager server web interface[125]Unofficial
1583??Pervasive PSQL[133]Unofficial
1589YesYesCisco VLAN Query Protocol (VQP)Official
1604YesYesDarkComet remote administration tool (RAT)[citation needed]Unofficial
1628YesYesLonTalk normalOfficial
1629YesYesLonTalk urgentOfficial
1645YesEarly deployment of RADIUS before RFC standardization was done using UDP port number 1645. Enabled for compatibility reasons by default on Cisco[citation needed] and Juniper Networks RADIUS servers.[135] Official port is 1812. TCP port 1645 MUST NOT be used.[136]Unofficial
1646YesOld radacct port,[when?] RADIUS accounting protocol. Enabled for compatibility reasons by default on Cisco[citation needed] and Juniper Networks RADIUS servers.[135] Official port is 1813. TCP port 1646 MUST NOT be used.[136]Unofficial
1677YesYesNovell GroupWise clients in client/server access modeOfficial
1688YesMicrosoft Key Management Service (KMS) for Windows Activation[138]Unofficial
1701YesYesLayer 2 Forwarding Protocol (L2F)Official
AssignedYesLayer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)[10]Official
1707YesYesWindward Studios games (vdmplay)Official
YesL2TP/IPsec, for establish an initial connection[139]Unofficial
1716YesAmerica’s Army, a massively multiplayer online game (MMO)[140]Unofficial
1719YesYesH.323 registration and alternate communicationOfficial
1720YesYesH.323 call signalingOfficial
1723YesAssignedPoint-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)[10]Official
1755YesYesMicrosoft Media Services (MMS, ms-streaming)Official
1761YesYesNovell ZENworks[141][142]Unofficial
1783Decomissioned [sic] Port 04/14/00, msOfficial
1801YesYesMicrosoft Message QueuingOfficial
1812YesYesRADIUS authentication protocol, radiusOfficial
1813YesYesRADIUS accounting protocol, radius-acctOfficial
1863YesYesMicrosoft Notification Protocol (MSNP), used by the Microsoft Messenger service and a number of instant messaging Messenger clientsOfficial
1883YesYesMQTT (formerly MQ Telemetry Transport)Official
1900AssignedYesSimple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP),[10] discovery of UPnP devicesOfficial
1935YesYesMacromedia Flash Communications Server MX, the precursor to Adobe Flash Media Server before Macromedia‘s acquisition by Adobe on December 3, 2005Official
YesYesReal Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP)[citation needed], primarily used in Adobe Flash[144]Unofficial
1967YesCisco IOS IP Service Level Agreements (IP SLAs) Control Protocol[citation needed]Unofficial
1970YesYesNetop Remote ControlOfficial
1972YesYesInterSystems CachéOfficial
1984YesYesBig BrotherOfficial
1985AssignedYesCisco Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP)[145]Official
1998YesYesCisco X.25 over TCP (XOT) serviceOfficial
2000YesYesCisco Skinny Client Control Protocol (SCCP)Official
2010??Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator[146]Unofficial
2033YesYesCivilization IV multiplayer[147]Unofficial
2049Yes, and SCTPYesNetwork File System (NFS)[10]Official
2056YesYesCivilization IV multiplayer[147]Unofficial
2080YesYesAutodesk NLM (FLEXlm)Official
2082YescPanel default[148]Unofficial
2083YesYesSecure RADIUS Service (radsec)Official
YescPanel default SSL[148]Unofficial
YesWebHost Manager default[148]Unofficial
2087YesWebHost Manager default SSL[148]Unofficial
2095YescPanel default web mail[148]Official
2096YescPanel default SSL web mail[148]Unofficial
2100YesWarzone 2100 multiplayer[citation needed]Unofficial
2101YesNetworked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol (NTRIP)[citation needed]Unofficial
2102YesYesZephyr Notification Service serverOfficial
2103YesYesZephyr Notification Service serv-hm connectionOfficial
2104YesYesZephyr Notification Service hostmanagerOfficial
2123YesYesGTP control messages (GTP-C)Official
2142YesYesTDMoIP (TDM over IP)Official
2152YesYesGTP user data messages (GTP-U)Official
2159YesYesGDB remote debug portOfficial
2181YesYesEForward-document transport systemOfficial
YesApache ZooKeeper default client port[citation needed]Unofficial
2195YesApple Push Notification Service[10][149]Unofficial
2196YesApple Push Notification Service, feedback service[10][149]Unofficial
2210YesYesNOAAPORT Broadcast NetworkOfficial
2221YesESET anti-virus updates[150]Unofficial
2222YesYesEtherNet/IP implicit messaging for IO dataOfficial
??DirectAdmin Access[151]Unofficial
2222–2226YesESET Remote administrator[150]Official
2240YesYesGeneral Dynamics Remote Encryptor Configuration Information Protocol (RECIPe)Official
2261YesYesCoMotion masterOfficial
2262YesYesCoMotion backupOfficial
2302YesArmA multiplayer[citation needed]Unofficial
YesHalo: Combat Evolved multiplayer host[152]Unofficial
2303YesArmA multiplayer (default port for game +1)[citation needed]Unofficial
YesHalo: Combat Evolved multiplayer listener[152]Unofficial
2305YesArmA multiplayer (default port for game +3)[citation needed]Unofficial
2351YesAIM game LAN network port[citation needed]Unofficial
2368YesGhost (blogging platform)[153]Unofficial
2369YesDefault for BMC Control-M/Server Configuration AgentUnofficial
2370YesDefault for BMC Control-M/Server, to allow the Control-M/Enterprise Manager to connect to the Control-M/ServerUnofficial
2372YesDefault for K9 Web Protection/parental controls, content filtering agent[citation needed]Unofficial
2375YesReservedDocker REST API (plain)Official
2376YesReservedDocker REST API (SSL)Official
2377YesReservedDocker Swarm cluster management communications[154]Official
2379YesReservedCoreOS etcd client communicationOfficial
YesKGS Go Server[155]Unofficial
2380YesReservedCoreOS etcd server communicationOfficial
2389AssignedAssignedOpenView Session MgrOfficial
2399YesYesFileMaker Data Access Layer (ODBC/JDBC)Official
2401YesYesCVS version control system password-based serverOfficial
2404YesYesIEC 60870-5-104, used to send electric power telecontrol messages between two systems via directly connected data circuitsOfficial
2424YesOrientDB database listening for binary client connections[156]Unofficial
2427YesYesMedia Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) media gatewayOfficial
2447YesYesovwdb—OpenView Network Node Manager (NNM) daemonOfficial
2480YesOrientDB database listening for HTTP client connections[156]Unofficial
2483YesYesOracle database listening for insecure client connections to the listener, replaces port 1521[when?]Official
2484YesYesOracle database listening for SSL client connections to the listenerOfficial
2500YesYesNetFS communication[157]Unofficial
2501YesNetFS probeUnofficial
2535YesYesMulticast Address Dynamic Client Allocation Protocol (MADCAP).[158] All standard messages are UDP datagrams.[159]Official
2546–2548YesYesEVault data protection servicesOfficial
2593YesYesUltima Online servers[citation needed]Unofficial
2598YesCitrix Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) with Session Reliability; port 1494 without session reliability[124]Unofficial
2599YesYesUltima Online servers[citation needed]Unofficial
2638YesYesSQL Anywhere database server[160][161]Official
2710YesYesXBT Tracker.[162] UDP tracker extension is considered experimental.[163]Unofficial
2727YesYesMedia Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) media gateway controller (call agent)Official
2775YesYesShort Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP)[citation needed]Official
2809YesYescorbaloc:iiop URL, per the CORBA 3.0.3 specificationOfficial
2811YesYesgsi ftp, per the GridFTP specificationOfficial
2827YesI2P BOB Bridge[164]Unofficial
2944YesYesMegaco text H.248Official
2945YesYesMegaco binary (ASN.1) H.248Official
2947YesYesgpsd, GPS daemonOfficial
2948YesYesWAP push Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)Official
2949YesYesWAP push secure (MMS)Official
2967YesYesSymantec System Center agent (SSC-AGENT)Official
3000YesCloud9 IDE server[citation needed]Unofficial
YesRuby on Rails development default[165]Unofficial
YesMeteor development default[166][failed verification]Unofficial
YesYesResilio Sync,[167] spun from BitTorrent Sync.Unofficial
YesDistributed Interactive Simulation (DIS)[citation needed]Unofficial
3020YesYesCommon Internet File System (CIFS). See also port 445 for Server Message Block (SMB), a dialect of CIFS.Official
3050YesYesgds-db (Interbase/Firebird databases)Official
3052YesYesAPC PowerChute NetworkOfficial
3074YesYesXbox LIVE and Games for Windows – LiveOfficial
3101YesBlackBerry Enterprise Server communication protocol[168]Unofficial
3128Yes?Squid caching web proxy[169]Unofficial
3225YesYesFibre Channel over IP (FCIP)Official
3233YesYesWhiskerControl research control protocolOfficial
3268YesYesmsft-gc, Microsoft Global Catalog (LDAP service which contains data from Active Directory forests)Official
3269YesYesmsft-gc-ssl, Microsoft Global Catalog over SSL (similar to port 3268, LDAP over SSL)Official
3283YesYesNet Assistant,[10] a predecessor to Apple Remote DesktopOfficial
YesYesApple Remote Desktop 2.0 or later[10]Unofficial
3290YesVirtual Air Traffic Simulation (VATSIM) network voice communication[citation needed]Unofficial
3305YesYesOdette File Transfer Protocol (OFTP)Official
3306YesAssignedMySQL database system[10]Official
3323YesYesDECE GEODI ServerUnofficial
3332YesThundercloud DataPath Overlay ControlUnofficial
3333YesEggdrop, an IRC bot default port[170]Unofficial
YesNetwork Caller ID serverUnofficial
3351??Pervasive PSQL[133]Unofficial
3386YesYesGTP’ 3GPP GSM/UMTS CDR logging protocolOfficial
3389YesYesMicrosoft Terminal Server (RDP) officially registered as Windows Based Terminal (WBT)[172]Official
3396YesYesNovell NDPS Printer AgentOfficial
3423YesXware xTrm Communication ProtocolOfficial
3424YesXware xTrm Communication Protocol over SSLOfficial
3455YesYesResource Reservation Protocol (RSVP)Official
3478YesYesSTUN, a protocol for NAT traversal[173]Official
YesYesTURN, a protocol for NAT traversal[174] (extension to STUN)Official
YesYesSTUN Behavior Discovery.[175] See also port 5349.Official
3479YesYesPlayStation Network[176]Unofficial
3480YesYesPlayStation Network[176]Unofficial
3483YesSlim Devices discovery protocolOfficial
YesSlim Devices SlimProto protocolOfficial
3493YesYesNetwork UPS Tools (NUT)Official
3516YesYesSmartcard PortOfficial
3527YesMicrosoft Message QueuingOfficial
3535YesSMTP alternate[177]Unofficial
3544YesTeredo tunnelingOfficial
3632YesAssignedDistcc, distributed compiler[10]Official
3659YesYesApple SASL, used by Mac OS X Server Password Server[10]Official
YesBattlefield 4Unofficial
3667YesYesInformation ExchangeOfficial
3689YesAssignedDigital Audio Access Protocol (DAAP), used by Apple’s iTunes and AirPlay[10]Official
3690YesYesSubversion (SVN)[10] version control systemOfficial
3702YesYesWeb Services Dynamic Discovery (WS-Discovery), used by various components of Windows Vista and laterOfficial
3724YesYesSome Blizzard games[120]Official
YesClub Penguin Disney online game for kidsUnofficial
3725YesYesNetia NA-ER PortOfficial
3749YesYesCimTrak registered portOfficial
3768YesYesRBLcheckd server daemonOfficial
3784YesBidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD)for IPv4 and IPv6 (Single Hop) (RFC 5881)Official
3785YesVoIP program used by VentriloUnofficial
3799YesRADIUS change of authorizationOfficial
3804YesYesHarman Professional HiQnet protocolOfficial
3825YesRedSeal Networks client/server connection[citation needed]Unofficial
3826YesYesWarMUX game serverOfficial
YesRedSeal Networks client/server connection[citation needed]Unofficial
3835YesRedSeal Networks client/server connection[citation needed]Unofficial
3830YesYesSystem Management Agent, developed and used by Cerner to monitor and manage solutionsOfficial
3856YesYesERP Server Application used by F10 SoftwareUnofficial
3868Yes, and SCTPDiameter base protocol (RFC 3588)Official
3872YesOracle Enterprise Manager Remote AgentOfficial
3900Yesudt_os, IBM UniData UDT OS[178]Official
3960YesWarframe online interaction[citation needed]Unofficial
3962YesWarframe online interaction[citation needed]Unofficial
3978YesYesOpenTTD game (masterserver and content service)Unofficial
3979YesYesOpenTTD gameUnofficial
3999YesYesNorman distributed scanning serviceOfficial
4000YesYesDiablo II gameUnofficial
4001YesMicrosoft Ants gameUnofficial
YesCoreOS etcd client communicationUnofficial
4018YesYesProtocol information and warnings[clarification needed]Official
4035YesIBM Rational Developer for System z Remote System Explorer DaemonUnofficial
4045YesYesSolaris lockd NFS lock daemon/managerUnofficial
4050YesMud Master Chat protocol (MMCP) – Peer-to-peer communications between MUD clients.[179]Unofficial
4069YesMinger Email Address Verification Protocol[180]Official
4070YesYesAmazon Echo Dot (Amazon Alexa) streaming connection with Spotify[181]Unofficial
4089YesYesOpenCORE Remote Control ServiceOfficial
4093YesYesPxPlus Client server interface ProvideXOfficial
4096YesYesAscom Timeplex Bridge Relay Element (BRE)Official
4105YesYesShofar (ShofarNexus)Official
4125YesMicrosoft Remote Web Workplace administrationUnofficial
4172YesYesTeradici PCoIPOfficial
4198YesYesCouch Potato Android app[183]Unofficial
4201YesTinyMUD and various derivativesUnofficial
4222YesNATS server default port[184]Unofficial
4226YesYesAleph One, a computer gameUnofficial
4242YesOrthanc – DICOM server[185]Unofficial
YesQuassel distributed IRC clientUnofficial
4243YesDocker implementations, redistributions, and setups default[186][needs update?]Unofficial
4303YesYesSimple Railroad Command Protocol (SRCP)Official
4307YesTrueConf Client – TrueConf Server media data exchange[188]Official
4321YesReferral Whois (RWhois) Protocol[189]Official
4444YesYesOracle WebCenter Content: Content Server—Intradoc Socket port. (formerly known as Oracle Universal Content Management).Unofficial
??Metasploit‘s default listener port[citation needed]Unofficial
YesYesXvfb X server virtual frame buffer serviceUnofficial
4444–4445YesI2P HTTP/S proxyUnofficial
4486YesYesIntegrated Client Message Service (ICMS)Official
4488YesAssignedApple Wide Area Connectivity Service, used by Back to My Mac[10]Official
4500AssignedYesIPSec NAT Traversal[10] (RFC 3947RFC 4306)Official
4502–4534YesMicrosoft Silverlight connectable ports under non-elevated trustOfficial
4505–4506YesSalt masterUnofficial
4534YesArmagetron Advanced server defaultUnofficial
4560Yesdefault Log4j socketappender portUnofficial
4567YesSinatra default server port in development mode (HTTP)Unofficial
4569YesInter-Asterisk eXchange (IAX2)Official
4604YesIdentity Registration ProtocolOfficial
4605YesDirect End to End Secure Chat ProtocolOfficial
4610–4640YesQualiSystems TestShell Suite ServicesUnofficial
4662YesYesOrbitNet Message ServiceOfficial
YesDefault for older versions of eMule[190]Unofficial
4664YesGoogle Desktop SearchUnofficial
4672YesDefault for older versions of eMule[190]Unofficial
4711YeseMule optional web interface[190]Unofficial
4713YesPulseAudio sound serverUnofficial
4728YesComputer Associates Desktop and Server Management (DMP)/Port Multiplexer[191]Official
4730YesYesGearman‘s job serverOfficial
4739YesYesIP Flow Information ExportOfficial
4753YesYesSIMON (service and discovery)Official
4789YesVirtual eXtensible Local Area Network (VXLAN)Official
4791YesIP Routable RocE (RoCEv2)Official
4840YesYesOPC UA Connection Protocol (TCP) and OPC UA Multicast Datagram Protocol (UDP) for OPC Unified Architecture from OPC FoundationOfficial
4843YesYesOPC UA TCP Protocol over TLS/SSL for OPC Unified Architecture from OPC FoundationOfficial
4847YesYesWeb Fresh Communication, Quadrion Software & Odorless EntertainmentOfficial
4848YesJava, Glassfish Application Server administration defaultUnofficial
4894YesYesLysKOM Protocol AOfficial
4949YesMunin Resource Monitoring ToolOfficial
4950YesYesCylon Controls UC32 Communications PortOfficial
5000YesUPnP—Windows network device interoperabilityUnofficial
YesYesVTunVPN SoftwareUnofficial
YesFlightGear multiplayer[192]Unofficial
YesSynology Inc. Management Console, File Station, Audio StationUnofficial
YesFlask Development WebserverUnofficial
YesHeroku console accessUnofficial
??Docker Registry[193]Unofficial
YesAT&T U-verse public, educational, and government access (PEG) streaming over HTTP[194]Unofficial
??High-Speed SECS Message Services[citation needed]Unofficial
Yes3CX Phone System Legacy Management ConsoleUnofficial
5000–5500NoYesLeague of Legends, a multiplayer online battle arena video game[195]Unofficial
5001YesSlingbox and SlingplayerUnofficial
YesYesIperf (Tool for measuring TCP and UDP bandwidth performance)Unofficial
YesSynology Inc. Secured Management Console, File Station, Audio StationUnofficial
Yes3CX Phone System Secured Management Console, Secure APIUnofficial
5002YesASSA ARX access control system[196]Unofficial
5003YesAssignedFileMaker – name binding and transport[10]Official
5004Yes, and DCCPYesReal-time Transport Protocol media data (RTP) (RFC 3551RFC 4571)Official
5005Yes, and DCCPYesReal-time Transport Protocol control protocol (RTCP) (RFC 3551RFC 4571)Official
5010YesYesRegistered to: TelePath (the IBM FlowMark workflow-management system messaging platform)[197]
The TCP port is now used for: IBM WebSphere MQ Workflow
5011YesYesTelePath (the IBM FlowMark workflow-management system messaging platform)[197]Official
5025YesYesscpi-raw Standard Commands for Programmable InstrumentsOfficial
5031YesYesAVM CAPI-over-TCP (ISDN over Ethernet tunneling)[citation needed]Unofficial
5037YesAndroid ADB serverUnofficial
5044YesStandard port in Filebeats/Logstash implementation of Lumberjack protocol.Unofficial
5048YesTexai Message ServiceOfficial
5050YesYahoo! MessengerUnofficial
5051Yesita-agent Symantec Intruder Alert[198]Official
5060YesYesSession Initiation Protocol (SIP)[10]Official
5061YesSession Initiation Protocol (SIP) over TLSOfficial
5062YesYesLocalisation accessOfficial
5064YesYesEPICS Channel Access server[199]Official
5065AssignedYesEPICS Channel Access repeater beacon[199]Official
5070YesNoBinary Floor Control Protocol (BFCP)[200]Unofficial
5084YesYesEPCglobal Low Level Reader Protocol (LLRP)Official
5085YesYesEPCglobal Low Level Reader Protocol (LLRP) over TLSOfficial
5090YesYes3CX Phone System 3CX Tunnel Protocol, 3CX App API, 3CX Session Border ControllerUnofficial
5093YesSafeNet, Inc Sentinel LM, Sentinel RMS, License Manager, client-to-serverOfficial
5099YesYesSafeNet, Inc Sentinel LM, Sentinel RMS, License Manager, server-to-serverOfficial
5104YesIBM Tivoli Framework NetCOOL/Impact[201] HTTP ServiceUnofficial
5121YesNeverwinter NightsUnofficial
5124YesYesTorgaNET (Micronational Darknet)Unofficial
5125YesYesTorgaNET (Micronational Intelligence Darknet)Unofficial
5150YesYesATMP Ascend Tunnel Management Protocol[202]Official
5151YesESRI SDE InstanceOfficial
YesESRI SDE Remote StartOfficial
5172YesPC over IP Endpoint Management[203]Official
5190YesYesAOL Instant Messenger protocol.[10] The chat app is defunct as of 15 December 2017.[204]Official
5198YesEchoLink VoIP Amateur Radio Software (Voice)Unofficial
5199YesEchoLink VoIP Amateur Radio Software (Voice)Unofficial
5200YesEchoLink VoIP Amateur Radio Software (Information)Unofficial
5201YesYesIperf3 (Tool for measuring TCP and UDP bandwidth performance)Unofficial
5222YesReservedExtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) client connection[10][205][206]Official
5223YesApple Push Notification Service[10][149]Unofficial
YesExtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) client connection over SSLUnofficial
5228YesHP Virtual Room ServiceOfficial
YesGoogle PlayAndroid Cloud to Device Messaging ServiceGoogle Cloud MessagingUnofficial
5246YesControl And Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP) CAPWAP control[207]Official
5247YesControl And Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP) CAPWAP data[207]Official
5269YesExtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) server-to-server connection[10][205][206]Official
5280YesExtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP)[208]Official
5281YesExtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP)[209]Unofficial
5298YesYesExtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP)[210]Official
5310AssignedYesOutlaws, a 1997 first-person shooter video game[citation needed]Official
5318YesReservedCertificate Management over CMS[211]Official
5349Yes/NoYes/NoSTUN over TLS/DTLS, a protocol for NAT traversal[173]Official
Yes/NoYes/NoTURN over TLS/DTLS, a protocol for NAT traversal[174]Official
YesReservedSTUN Behavior Discovery over TLS.[175] See also port 3478.Official
5351ReservedYesNAT Port Mapping Protocol and Port Control Protocol—client-requested configuration for connections through network address translators and firewallsOfficial
5353AssignedYesMulticast DNS (mDNS)[10]Official
5355YesYesLink-Local Multicast Name Resolution (LLMNR), allows hosts to perform name resolution for hosts on the same local link (only provided by Windows Vista and Server 2008)Official
5357YesYesWeb Services for Devices (WSDAPI) (only provided by Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Server 2008)Unofficial
5358YesYesWSDAPI Applications to Use a Secure Channel (only provided by Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Server 2008)Unofficial
5394YesKega Fusion, a Sega multi-console emulator[212][213]Unofficial
5402YesYesMulticast File Transfer Protocol (MFTP)[214][importance?]Official
5405YesYesNetSupport ManagerOfficial
5412YesYesIBM Rational Synergy (Telelogic Synergy) (Continuus CM) Message RouterOfficial
5413YesYesWonderware SuiteLink serviceOfficial
5417YesYesSNS AgentOfficial
5421YesYesNetSupport ManagerOfficial
5432YesAssignedPostgreSQL[10] database systemOfficial
5433YesBouwsoft file/webserver[215]Unofficial
5445YesCisco Unified Video Advantage[citation needed]Unofficial
5480YesVMware VAMI (Virtual Appliance Management Infrastructure)—used for initial setup of various administration settings on Virtual Appliances designed using the VAMI architecture.Unofficial
5481YesSchneider Electric‘s ClearSCADA (SCADA implementation for Windows) — used for client-to-server communication.[216]Unofficial
5495YesIBM Cognos TM1 Admin serverUnofficial
5498YesHotline tracker server connectionUnofficial
5499YesHotline tracker server discoveryUnofficial
5500YesHotline control connectionUnofficial
YesVNC Remote Frame Buffer RFB protocol—for incoming listening viewerUnofficial
5501YesHotline file transfer connectionUnofficial
5517YesSetiqueue Proxy server client for SETI@Home projectUnofficial
5550YesHewlett-Packard Data Protector[citation needed]Unofficial
5554YesYesFastboot default wireless portUnofficial
5555YesYesOracle WebCenter Content: Inbound Refinery—Intradoc Socket port. (formerly known as Oracle Universal Content Management). Port though often changed during installationUnofficial
YesFreeciv versions up to 2.0, Hewlett-Packard Data Protector, McAfee EndPoint Encryption Database Server, SAP, Default for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, Softether VPN default portUnofficial
5556YesYesFreeciv, Oracle WebLogic Server Node Manager[217]Official
5568YesYesSession Data Transport (SDT), a part of Architecture for Control Networks (ACN)[218][full citation needed]Official
5601YesKibana[citation needed]Unofficial
5631YespcANYWHEREdata, Symantec pcAnywhere (version 7.52 and later[219])[220] dataOfficial
5632YespcANYWHEREstat, Symantec pcAnywhere (version 7.52 and later) statusOfficial
5656YesIBM Lotus Sametime p2p file transferUnofficial
5666YesNRPE (Nagios)Unofficial
5667YesNSCA (Nagios)Unofficial
5670YesFILEMQ ZeroMQ File Message Queuing ProtocolOfficial
YesZRE-DISC ZeroMQ Realtime Exchange Protocol (Discovery)Official
5671YesAssignedAdvanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP)[221] over TLSOfficial
5672Yes, and SCTPAssignedAdvanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP)[221]Official
5683YesYesConstrained Application Protocol (CoAP)Official
5684Yes/NoYesConstrained Application Protocol Secure (CoAPs)Official
5693YesNagios Cross Platform Agent (NCPA)[222]Unofficial
5701YesHazelcast default communication port[223]Unofficial
5722YesYesMicrosoft RPC, DFSR (SYSVOL) Replication Service[citation needed]Official
5718YesMicrosoft DPM Data Channel (with the agent coordinator)Unofficial
5719YesMicrosoft DPM Data Channel (with the protection agent)Unofficial
5723YesSystem Center Operations Manager[224]Unofficial
5724YesOperations Manager ConsoleUnofficial
5741YesYesIDA Discover Port 1Official
5742YesYesIDA Discover Port 2Official
5800YesVNC Remote Frame Buffer RFB protocol over HTTPUnofficial
YesProjectWise Server[225]Unofficial
5900YesYesRemote Frame Buffer protocol (RFB)Official
YesVirtual Network Computing (VNC) Remote Frame Buffer RFB protocol[10][226]Unofficial
5931YesYesAMMYY admin Remote ControlOfficial
5938YesYesTeamViewer remote desktop protocol[227]Unofficial
5984YesYesCouchDB database serverOfficial
5985YesWindows PowerShell Default psSession Port[228] Windows Remote Management Service (WinRM-HTTP)[229]Official
5986YesWindows PowerShell Default psSession Port[228] Windows Remote Management Service (WinRM-HTTPS)[229]Official
5988–5989YesCIM-XML (DMTF Protocol)[230]Official
6000–6063YesYesX11—used between an X client and server over the networkOfficial
6005YesDefault for BMC Software Control-M/Server—Socket used for communication between Control-M processes—though often changed during installationUnofficial
YesDefault for Camfrog chat & cam clientUnofficial
6009YesJD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP system JDENet messaging client listenerUnofficial
6050YesArcserve backupUnofficial
6051YesArcserve backupUnofficial
6086YesPeer Distributed Transfer Protocol (PDTP), FTP like file server in a P2P networkOfficial
6100YesVizrt SystemUnofficial
YesVentrilo authentication for version 3Unofficial
6101YesBackup Exec Agent Browser[citation needed]Unofficial
6110YesYessoftcm, HP Softbench CMOfficial
6111YesYesspc, HP Softbench Sub-Process ControlOfficial
6112YesYesdtspcd, execute commands and launch applications remotelyOfficial
YesYesBlizzard‘s Battle.net gaming service and some games,[120] ArenaNet gaming service, Relic gaming serviceUnofficial
YesClub Penguin Disney online game for kidsUnofficial
6113YesClub Penguin Disney online game for kids, Used by some Blizzard games[120]Unofficial
6136YesObjectDB database server[231]Unofficial
6159YesARINC 840 EFB Application Control InterfaceOfficial
6200YesOracle WebCenter Content Portable: Content Server (With Native UI) and Inbound RefineryUnofficial
6201YesOracle WebCenter Content Portable: AdminUnofficial
6225YesOracle WebCenter Content Portable: Content Server Web UIUnofficial
6227YesOracle WebCenter Content Portable: JavaDBUnofficial
6240YesOracle WebCenter Content Portable: CaptureUnofficial
6244YesYesOracle WebCenter Content Portable: Content Server—Intradoc Socket portUnofficial
6255YesYesOracle WebCenter Content Portable: Inbound Refinery—Intradoc Socket portUnofficial
6257YesWinMX (see also 6699)Unofficial
6260YesYesplanet M.U.L.E.Unofficial
6262YesSybase Advantage Database ServerUnofficial
6343YesSFlow, sFlow traffic monitoringOfficial
6346YesYesgnutella-svc, gnutella (FrostWireLimewireShareaza, etc.)Official
6347YesYesgnutella-rtr, Gnutella alternateOfficial
6350YesYesApp Discovery and Access ProtocolOfficial
6379YesRedis key-value data storeOfficial
6389YesEMC CLARiiONUnofficial
6432YesPgBouncer—A connection pooler for PostgreSQLOfficial
6436YesLeap Motion Websocket Server TLSUnofficial
6437YesLeap Motion Websocket ServerUnofficial
6444YesYesSun Grid Engine Qmaster ServiceOfficial
6445YesYesSun Grid Engine Execution ServiceOfficial
6463–6472YesDiscord RPC[232]Unofficial
6464YesYesPort assignment for medical device communication in accordance to IEEE 11073-20701Official
6502YesYesNetop Remote ControlUnofficial
6513YesNETCONF over TLSOfficial
6514YesSyslog over TLS[233]Official
6515YesYesElipse RPC Protocol (REC)Official
6516Windows Admin CenterUnofficial
6543YesPylons project#Pyramid Default Pylons Pyramid web service portUnofficial
6556YesCheck MK AgentUnofficial
6566YesSANE (Scanner Access Now Easy)—SANE network scanner daemon[234]Official
6560–6561YesSpeech-Dispatcher daemon[citation needed]Unofficial
6571Windows Live FolderShare clientUnofficial
6600YesMicrosoft Hyper-V LiveOfficial
YesMusic Player Daemon (MPD)Unofficial
6601YesMicrosoft Forefront Threat Management GatewayOfficial
6602YesMicrosoft Windows WSS CommunicationOfficial
6619YesYesodette-ftps, Odette File Transfer Protocol (OFTP) over TLS/SSLOfficial
6622YesYesMulticast FTPOfficial
6653YesAssignedOpenFlow[citation needed]Official
6660–6664YesInternet Relay Chat (IRC)Unofficial
6665–6669YesInternet Relay Chat (IRC)Official
6679YesYesOsorno Automation Protocol (OSAUT)Official
YesIRC SSL (Secure Internet Relay Chat)—often usedUnofficial
6690YesSynology Cloud stationUnofficial
6697YesIRC SSL (Secure Internet Relay Chat)—often usedOfficial
6699YesWinMX (see also 6257)Unofficial
6715YesAberMUD and derivatives default portUnofficial
6771YesBitTorrent Local Peer DiscoveryUnofficial
6783–6785YesSplashtop Remote server broadcastUnofficial
6881–6887YesYesBitTorrent part of full range of ports used most oftenUnofficial
YesYesBitTorrent part of full range of ports used most oftenUnofficial
6889–6890YesYesBitTorrent part of full range of ports used most oftenUnofficial
6891–6900YesYesBitTorrent part of full range of ports used most oftenUnofficial
6891–6900YesYesWindows Live Messenger (File transfer)Unofficial
6901YesYesWindows Live Messenger (Voice)Unofficial
YesYesBitTorrent part of full range of ports used most oftenUnofficial
6902–6968YesYesBitTorrent part of full range of ports used most oftenUnofficial
YesBitTorrent trackerUnofficial
6970–6999YesYesBitTorrent part of full range of ports used most oftenUnofficial
YesQuickTime Streaming Server[10]Unofficial
7000YesDefault for Vuze‘s built-in HTTPS Bittorrent TrackerUnofficial
YesAvira Server Management ConsoleUnofficial
7001YesAvira Server Management ConsoleUnofficial
YesDefault for BEA WebLogic Server‘s HTTP server, though often changed during installationUnofficial
7002YesDefault for BEA WebLogic Server’s HTTPS server, though often changed during installationUnofficial
7005YesDefault for BMC Software Control-M/Server and Control-M/Agent for Agent-to-Server, though often changed during installationUnofficial
7006YesDefault for BMC Software Control-M/Server and Control-M/Agent for Server-to-Agent, though often changed during installationUnofficial
7010YesDefault for Cisco AON AMC (AON Management Console)[235]Unofficial
7022YesDatabase mirroring endpoints[236]Unofficial
7023YesBryan Wilcutt T2-NMCS Protocol for SatCom ModemsOfficial
7025YesZimbra LMTP [mailbox]—local mail deliveryUnofficial
7047YesZimbra conversion serverUnofficial
7070YesYes/NoReal Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP), used by QuickTime Streaming Server. TCP is used by default, UDP is used as an alternate.[10]Unofficial
7133YesEnemy Territory: Quake WarsUnofficial
7144YesPeercast[citation needed]Unofficial
7145YesPeercast[citation needed]Unofficial
7262YesYesCNAP (Calypso Network Access Protocol)Official
7272YesYesWatchMe – WatchMe MonitoringOfficial
7306YesZimbra mysql [mailbox][citation needed]Unofficial
7307YesZimbra mysql [logger][citation needed]Unofficial
7312YesSibelius License ServerUnofficial
7396YesWeb control interface for Folding@home v7.3.6 and later[237]Unofficial
7400YesYesRTPS (Real Time Publish Subscribe) DDS DiscoveryOfficial
7401YesYesRTPS (Real Time Publish Subscribe) DDS User-TrafficOfficial
7402YesYesRTPS (Real Time Publish Subscribe) DDS Meta-TrafficOfficial
7471YesStateless Transport Tunneling (STT)Unofficial
7473YesRise: The Vieneo ProvinceOfficial
7474YesNeo4J Server webadmin[238]Official
7478YesDefault port used by Open iT Server.[239]Official
7542YesYesSaratoga file transfer protocol[240][241]Official
7547YesYesCPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP) Technical Report 069Official
7575YesPopulous: The Beginning serverUnofficial
7624YesYesInstrument Neutral Distributed InterfaceOfficial
7634Yeshddtemp—Utility to monitor hard drive temperatureUnofficial
7652–7654YesI2P anonymizing overlay networkUnofficial
7655YesI2P SAM Bridge Socket APIUnofficial
7656–7660YesI2P anonymizing overlay networkUnofficial
7670YesBrettspielWelt BSW Boardgame PortalUnofficial
7687YesBolt database connectionOfficial
7707–7708YesKilling FloorUnofficial
7717YesKilling FloorUnofficial
7777YesiChat server file transfer proxy[10]Unofficial
YesOracle Cluster File System 2[citation needed]Unofficial
YesWindows backdoor program tini.exe default[citation needed]Unofficial
YesJust Cause 2: Multiplayer Mod Server[citation needed]Unofficial
YesTerraria default serverUnofficial
YesSan Andreas Multiplayer (SA-MP) default port serverUnofficial
YesSCP: Secret Laboratory Multiplayer ServerUnofficial
7777–7788YesYesUnreal Tournament series default server[citation needed]Unofficial
7831YesDefault used by Smartlaunch Internet Cafe Administration[242] softwareUnofficial
7880YesYesPowerSchool Gradebook Server[citation needed]Unofficial
7890YesDefault that will be used by the iControl Internet Cafe Suite Administration softwareUnofficial
7915YesDefault for YSFlight server[243]Unofficial
7935YesFixed port used for Adobe Flash Debug Player to communicate with a debugger (Flash IDE, Flex Builder or fdb).[244]Unofficial
7946YesYesDocker Swarm communication among nodes[154]Unofficial
7990YesAtlassian Bitbucket (default port)[citation needed]Unofficial
8000YesCommonly used for Internet radio streams such as SHOUTcast[citation needed]Icecast[citation needed] and iTunes Radio[10]Unofficial
??DynamoDB Local[245]Unofficial
??Django Development Webserver[246]Unofficial
8005YesTomcat remote shutdown[10]Unofficial
8006YesQuest AppAssure 5 API[247] Unofficial
??Proxmox Virtual Environment admin web interface[248]Unofficial
8007YesQuest AppAssure 5 Engine[247]Unofficial
8008YesYesAlternative port for HTTP. See also ports 80 and 8080.Official
YesIBM HTTP Server administration default[importance?]Unofficial
YesiCal, a calendar application by Apple[10]Unofficial
Yes?Matrix homeserver federation over HTTP[249]Unofficial
8009YesApache JServ Protocol (ajp13)[citation needed]Unofficial
8010Yes?Buildbot Web status page[citation needed]Unofficial
8042??Orthanc – REST API over HTTP[185]Unofficial
8069YesOpenERP 5.0 XML-RPC protocol[250]Unofficial
8070YesOpenERP 5.0 NET-RPC protocol[250]Unofficial
8075YesKilling Floor web administration interface[citation needed]Unofficial
8080YesYesAlternative port for HTTP. See also ports 80 and 8008.Official
YesApache Tomcat[251]Unofficial
YesAtlassian JIRA applications[252]Unofficial
8088YesAsterisk management access via HTTP[citation needed]Unofficial
8089YesNoSplunk daemon management[253]Unofficial
YesFritz!Box automatic TR-069 configuration[254]Unofficial
8090??Atlassian Confluence[255]Unofficial
YesCoral Content Distribution Network (legacy; 80 and 8080 now supported)[256]Unofficial
??Matrix identity server[citation needed]Unofficial
8091??CouchBase web administration[257]Unofficial
8092??CouchBase API[257]Unofficial
8111YesJOSM Remote ControlUnofficial
8112YesPAC Pacifica CoinUnofficial
8116YesCheck Point Cluster Control ProtocolUnofficial
8118YesPrivoxy—advertisement-filtering Web proxyOfficial
8123YesPolipo Web proxyOfficial
8139YesPuppet (software) Client agentUnofficial
8140YesPuppet (software) Master serverOfficial
8172YesMicrosoft Remote Administration for IIS Manager[258]Unofficial
8184YesNCSA Brown Dog Data Access ProxyUnofficial
8194–8195??Bloomberg Terminal[259]Official
YesMiniDLNA media server Web InterfaceUnofficial
8222??VMware VI Web Access via HTTP[260]Unofficial
8243YesYesHTTPS listener for Apache Synapse[261]Official
8245YesDynamic DNS for at least No-IP and DyDNS[262]Unofficial
8280YesYesHTTP listener for Apache Synapse[261]Official
8281YesHTTP Listener for Gatecraft PluginUnofficial
8291YesWinbox—Default on a MikroTik RouterOS for a Windows application used to administer MikroTik RouterOS[263]Unofficial
8303YesTeeworlds ServerUnofficial
8332YesBitcoin JSON-RPC server[264]Unofficial
??VMware VI Web Access via HTTPS[260]Unofficial
8333YesZip Code Technology[266]Unofficial
8337YesVisualSVN Distributed File System Service (VDFS)[267]Unofficial
8384YesSyncthing web GUIUnofficial
8388YesShadowsocks proxy server[citation needed]Unofficial
8443YesSW Soft Plesk Control PanelUnofficial
YesApache Tomcat SSLUnofficial
YesPromise WebPAM SSLUnofficial
YesiCal over SSL[10]Unofficial
YesMineOs WebUiUnofficial
8448Yes?Matrix homeserver federation over HTTPS[249]Unofficial
8484YesMapleStory Login ServerUnofficial
8500YesAdobe ColdFusion built-in web server[268]Unofficial
8530??Windows Server Update Services over HTTP[269][further explanation needed][270]Unofficial
8531??Windows Server Update Services over HTTPS[270][further explanation needed][269]Unofficial
8580??Freegate, an Internet anonymizer and proxy tool[271]Unofficial
8629YesTibero database[citation needed]Unofficial
8642YesLotus Notes Traveler auto synchronization for Windows Mobile and Nokia devices[272]Unofficial
8691YesUltra Fractal, a fractal generation and rendering software application – distributed calculations over networked computers[273][274]Unofficial
8765Yes?Default port of a local GUN relay peer that the Internet Archive[275] and others use as a decentralized mirror for censorship resistance.[276]Unofficial
8767YesVoice channel of TeamSpeak 2,[277] a proprietary Voice over IP protocol targeted at gamers[citation needed]Unofficial
8834??Nessus, a vulnerability scanner – remote XML-RPC web server[278][third-party source needed]Unofficial
8840??Opera Unite, an extensible framework for web applications[279][280]Unofficial
8880YesAlternate port of CDDB (Compact Disc Database) protocol, used to look up audio CD (compact disc) information over the Internet.[281] See also port 888.Official
??IBM WebSphere Application Server SOAP connector[282][jargon]Unofficial
8883YesYesSecure MQTT (MQTT over TLS)[283][284]Official
8887??HyperVM over HTTP[citation needed]Unofficial
8888??HyperVM over HTTPS[citation needed]Unofficial
?YesFreenet web UI (localhost only)[citation needed]Unofficial
??Default for IPython[285] / Jupyter[286] notebook dashboardsUnofficial
8983??Apache Solr[288]Unofficial
8997??Alternate port for I2P Monotone Proxy[164][jargon]Unofficial
8998??I2P Monotone Proxy[164][jargon]Unofficial
8999??Alternate port for I2P Monotone Proxy[164][jargon]Unofficial
9000YesSonarQube Web Server[289]Unofficial
YesSqueezeCenter web server & streamingUnofficial
YesPlay! Framework web server[290]Unofficial
YesHadoop NameNode default portUnofficial
YesPHP-FPM default portUnofficial
YesQBittorrent‘s embedded torrent tracker default port[291]Unofficial
9001YesYesETL Service Manager[292]Official
Microsoft SharePoint authoring environmentUnofficial
cisco-xremote router configuration[citation needed]Unofficial
Tor network defaultUnofficial
YesDBGp ProxyUnofficial
YesHSQLDB default portUnofficial
9002Newforma Server commsUnofficial
9006De-Commissioned PortOfficial
YesTomcat in standalone mode[10]Unofficial
9030YesTor often usedUnofficial
9042YesApache Cassandra native protocol clientsUnofficial
9043YesWebSphere Application Server Administration Console secureUnofficial
9050–9051YesTor (SOCKS-5 proxy client)Unofficial
9060YesWebSphere Application Server Administration ConsoleUnofficial
9080YesYesglrpc, Groove Collaboration software GLRPCOfficial
YesWebSphere Application Server HTTP Transport (port 1) defaultUnofficial
YesRemote Potato by FatAttitude, Windows Media Center addonUnofficial
YesServerWMC, Windows Media Center addonUnofficial
9090YesOpenfire Administration ConsoleUnofficial
YesSqueezeCenter control (CLI)Unofficial
YesCherokee Admin PanelUnofficial
9091YesOpenfire Administration Console (SSL Secured)Unofficial
YesTransmission (BitTorrent client) Web InterfaceUnofficial
9092YesH2 (DBMS) Database ServerUnofficial
YesApache Kafka A Distributed Streaming Platform[293]Unofficial
9100YesAssignedPDL Data Stream, used for printing to certain network printers[10]Official
9101YesYesBacula DirectorOfficial
9102YesYesBacula File DaemonOfficial
9103YesYesBacula Storage DaemonOfficial
9119YesYesMXit Instant MessengerOfficial
9150YesTor BrowserUnofficial
9191YesSierra Wireless AirlinkUnofficial
9199YesAvtex LLC—qStatsUnofficial
9200YesElasticsearch[294]—default Elasticsearch portUnofficial
9217YesiPass Platform ServiceUnofficial
9293YesSony PlayStation RemotePlay[295]Unofficial
9300YesIBM Cognos BI[citation needed]Unofficial
9303YesD-Link Shareport Share storage and MFP printers[citation needed]Unofficial
9306YesSphinx Native APIOfficial
9309YesYesSony PlayStation Vita Host Collaboration WiFi Data Transfer[296]Unofficial
9312YesSphinx SphinxQLOfficial
9332YesLitecoin JSON-RPC serverUnofficial
9339YesClash of Clans, a mobile freemium strategy video gameUnofficial
9389YesYesadws, Microsoft AD DS Web Services, Powershell uses this portOfficial
9418YesYesgit, Git pack transfer serviceOfficial
9419YesMooseFS distributed file system – master control port[297]Unofficial
9420YesMooseFS distributed file system – master command port[297]Unofficial
9421YesMooseFS distributed file system – master client port[297]Unofficial
9422YesMooseFS distributed file system – Chunkservers[297]Unofficial
9425YesMooseFS distributed file system – CGI server[297]Unofficial
9443YesVMware Websense Triton console (HTTPS port used for accessing and administrating a vCenter Server via the Web Management Interface)Unofficial
YesNCSA Brown Dog Data Tilling ServiceUnofficial
9535YesYesmngsuite, LANDesk Management Suite Remote ControlOfficial
9536YesYeslaes-bf, IP Fabrics Surveillance buffering functionOfficial
9600NoYesFactory Interface Network Service (FINS), a network protocol used by Omron programmable logic controllers[citation needed]Unofficial
9675YesYesSpiceworks Desktop, IT Helpdesk SoftwareUnofficial
9676YesYesSpiceworks Desktop, IT Helpdesk SoftwareUnofficial
9695??Content centric networking (CCN, CCNx)[citation needed]Official
9800YesYesWebDAV SourceOfficial
WebCT e-learning portalUnofficial
9875YesClub Penguin Disney online game for kidsUnofficial
9898YesTripwire—File Integrity Monitoring Software[298]Unofficial
9899YesSCTP tunneling (port number used in SCTP packets encapsulated in UDP, RFC 6951)Official
9901YesBanana for Apache SolrUnofficial
9981YesTvheadend HTTP server (web interface)[299]Unofficial
9982YesTvheadend HTSP server (Streaming protocol)[299]Unofficial
9987YesTeamSpeak 3 server default (voice) port (for the conflicting service see the IANA list)Unofficial
9993YesZeroTier Default port for ZeroTierUnofficial
9997YesSplunk port for communication between the forwarders and indexersUnofficial
9999Urchin Web Analytics[citation needed]Unofficial
10000YesYesNetwork Data Management ProtocolOfficial
Webmin, Web-based Unix/Linux system administration tool (default port)Unofficial
10000–20000NoYesUsed on VoIP networks for receiving and transmitting voice telephony traffic which includes Google Voice via the OBiTalk ATA devices as well as on the MagicJack and Vonage ATA network devices.[300]Unofficial
10001YesUbiquiti UniFi access points broadcast to (UDP) to locate the controller(s)Unofficial
10009YesYesCrossFire, a multiplayer online First Person Shooter[citation needed]Unofficial
10010YesOpen Object Rexx (ooRexx) rxapi daemonOfficial
10024YesZimbra smtp [mta]—to amavis from postfix[citation needed]Unofficial
10025YesZimbra smtp [mta]—back to postfix from amavis[citation needed]Unofficial
10042YesMathoid server[citation needed]Unofficial
10050YesYesZabbix agentOfficial
10051YesYesZabbix trapperOfficial
10080YesTouhou fight games (Immaterial and Missing PowerScarlet Weather RhapsodyHisoutensokuHopeless Masquerade and Urban Legend in Limbo)Unofficial
10110YesYesNMEA 0183 Navigational Data. Transport of NMEA 0183 sentences over TCP or UDPOfficial
10172YesIntuit Quickbooks clientUnofficial
10200YesFRISK Software International‘s fpscand virus scanning daemon for Unix platforms[301]Unofficial
YesFRISK Software International’s f-protd virus scanning daemon for Unix platforms[302]Unofficial
10201–10204YesFRISK Software International’s f-protd virus scanning daemon for Unix platforms[302]Unofficial
10212YesGE Intelligent Platforms Proficy HMI/SCADA – CIMPLICITY WebView[303]Official
10308??Lock On: Modern Air Combat[citation needed]Unofficial
10480??SWAT 4 Dedicated Server[citation needed]Unofficial
10505YesBlueStacks (android simulator) broadcast[304]Unofficial
10514YesYesTLS-enabled Rsyslog (default by convention)Unofficial
10823YesFarming Simulator 2011[citation needed]Unofficial
10891YesJungle Disk (this port is opened by the Jungle Disk Monitor service on the localhost)[citation needed]Unofficial
10933YesNoOctopus Deploy Tentacle deployment agent[305]Official
11001YesYesmetasys ( Johnson Controls Metasys java AC control environment )Official
11111YesRiCcI, Remote Configuration Interface (Redhat Linux)Unofficial
11112YesYesACR/NEMA Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM)Official
11214YesYesmemcached incoming SSL proxyUnofficial
11215YesYesmemcached internal outgoing SSL proxyUnofficial
11235Savage: Battle for Newerth[citation needed]Unofficial
11311YesYesRobot Operating System masterUnofficial
11371YesYesOpenPGP HTTP key serverOfficial
11753YesOpenRCT2 multiplayer[306]Unofficial
12012YesAudition Online Dance Battle, Korea Server—Status/Version CheckUnofficial
12013YesYesAudition Online Dance Battle, Korea ServerUnofficial
12035YesSecond Life, used for server UDP in-bound[307]Unofficial
12043YesSecond Life, used for LSL HTTPS in-bound[308]Unofficial
12046YesSecond Life, used for LSL HTTP in-bound[308]Unofficial
12201YesYesGraylog Extended Log Format (GELF)[309][importance?]Unofficial
12222YesLight Weight Access Point Protocol (LWAPP) LWAPP data (RFC 5412)Official
12223YesLight Weight Access Point Protocol (LWAPP) LWAPP control (RFC 5412)Official
12345YesYesCube World[310]Unofficial
YesLittle Fighter 2Unofficial
NetBus remote administration tool (often Trojan horse).Unofficial
12443YesIBM HMC web browser management access over HTTPS instead of default port 443[311]Unofficial
12489YesNSClient/NSClient++/NC_Net (Nagios)Unofficial
12975YesLogMeIn Hamachi (VPN tunnel software; also port 32976)—used to connect to Mediation Server (bibi.hamachi.cc); will attempt to use SSL (TCP port 443) if both 12975 & 32976 fail to connectUnofficial
13000–13050YesSecond Life, used for server UDP in-bound[307]Unofficial
13008YesYesCrossFire, a multiplayer online First Person Shooter[citation needed]Unofficial
13075YesDefault[312] for BMC Software Control-M/Enterprise Manager Corba communication, though often changed during installationOfficial
13720YesYesSymantec NetBackup—bprd (formerly VERITAS)Official
13721YesYesSymantec NetBackup—bpdbm (formerly VERITAS)Official
13724YesYesSymantec Network Utility—vnetd (formerly VERITAS)Official
13782YesYesSymantec NetBackup—bpcd (formerly VERITAS)Official
13783YesYesSymantec VOPIED protocol (formerly VERITAS)Official
13785YesYesSymantec NetBackup Database—nbdb (formerly VERITAS)Official
13786YesYesSymantec nomdb (formerly VERITAS)Official
14550YesMAVLink Ground Station PortUnofficial
14567YesBattlefield 1942 and modsUnofficial
YesKaspersky Network Agent[citation needed]Unofficial
15441??ZeroNet fileserver[citation needed]Unofficial
15567YesBattlefield Vietnam and modsUnofficial
15345YesYesXPilot ContactOfficial
15672YesNoRabbitMQ management plugin[313]Unofficial
16000YesOracle WebCenter Content: Imaging (formerly known as Oracle Universal Content Management). Port though often changed during installationUnofficial
16080YesMac OS X Server Web (HTTP) service with performance cache[314]Unofficial
16200YesOracle WebCenter Content: Content Server (formerly known as Oracle Universal Content Management). Port though often changed during installationUnofficial
16225YesOracle WebCenter Content: Content Server Web UI. Port though often changed during installationUnofficial
16250YesOracle WebCenter Content: Inbound Refinery (formerly known as Oracle Universal Content Management). Port though often changed during installationUnofficial
16261YesYesProject Zomboid multiplayer. Additional sequential ports used for each player connecting to server.[citation needed]Unofficial
16300YesOracle WebCenter Content: Records Management (formerly known as Oracle Universal Records Management). Port though often changed during installationUnofficial
16384YesCISCO Default RTP MINUnofficial
16384-16403YesReal-time Transport Protocol (RTP), RTP Control Protocol (RTCP), used by Apple‘s iChat for audio and video[10]Unofficial
16384-16387YesReal-time Transport Protocol (RTP), RTP Control Protocol (RTCP), used by Apple’s FaceTime and Game Center[10]Unofficial
16393-16402YesReal-time Transport Protocol (RTP), RTP Control Protocol (RTCP), used by Apple’s FaceTime and Game Center[10]Unofficial
16403-16472YesReal-time Transport Protocol (RTP), RTP Control Protocol (RTCP), used by Apple’s Game Center[10]Unofficial
16400YesOracle WebCenter Content: Capture (formerly known as Oracle Document Capture). Port though often changed during installationUnofficial
16482CISCO Default RTP MAXOfficial
16567YesBattlefield 2 and modsUnofficial
17011YesWorms multiplayerUnofficial
17224YesYesTrain Realtime Data Protocol (TRDP) Process Data, network protocol used in train communication.[1][315]Official
17225YesYesTrain Realtime Data Protocol (TRDP) Message Data, network protocol used in train communication.[1][316]Official
17475YesDMXControl 3 Network BrokerUnofficial
17500YesYesDropbox LanSync Protocol (db-lsp); used to synchronize file catalogs between Dropbox clients on a local network.Official
18080YesNoMonero P2P network communications[citation needed]Unofficial
18081YesNoMonero incoming RPC calls[citation needed]Unofficial
18091YesYesmemcached Internal REST HTTPS for SSLUnofficial
18092YesYesmemcached Internal CAPI HTTPS for SSLUnofficial
18104YesRAD PDF ServiceOfficial
18200YesYesAudition Online Dance Battle, AsiaSoft Thailand Server status/version checkUnofficial
18201YesYesAudition Online Dance Battle, AsiaSoft Thailand ServerUnofficial
18206YesYesAudition Online Dance Battle, AsiaSoft Thailand Server FAM databaseUnofficial
18300YesYesAudition Online Dance Battle, AsiaSoft SEA Server status/version checkUnofficial
18301YesYesAudition Online Dance Battle, AsiaSoft SEA ServerUnofficial
18306YesYesAudition Online Dance Battle, AsiaSoft SEA Server FAM databaseUnofficial
18333YesBitcoin testnet[265]Unofficial
18400YesYesAudition Online Dance Battle, KAIZEN Brazil Server status/version checkUnofficial
18401YesYesAudition Online Dance Battle, KAIZEN Brazil ServerUnofficial
18505YesYesAudition Online Dance Battle R4p3 Server, Nexon Server status/version checkUnofficial
18506YesYesAudition Online Dance Battle, Nexon ServerUnofficial
18605YesYesX-BEAT status/version checkUnofficial
19000YesYesAudition Online Dance Battle, G10/alaplaya Server status/version checkUnofficial
YesJACK sound serverUnofficial
19001YesYesAudition Online Dance Battle, G10/alaplaya ServerUnofficial
19132YesMinecraft: Bedrock Edition multiplayer server[citation needed]Unofficial
19133YesMinecraft: Bedrock Edition IPv6 multiplayer server[citation needed]Unofficial
19150YesYesGkrellm ServerUnofficial
19226YesPanda Software AdminSecure Communication AgentUnofficial
19294YesGoogle Talk Voice and Video connections[317]Unofficial
19295YesGoogle Talk Voice and Video connections[317]Unofficial
19302YesGoogle Talk Voice and Video connections[317]Unofficial
19812YesNo4D database SQL Communication[318]Official
19813YesYes4D database Client Server Communication[318]Official
19814Yes4D database DB4D Communication[318]Official
19999Distributed Network Protocol—Secure (DNP—Secure), a secure version of the protocol used in SCADA systems between communicating RTU‘s and IED‘sOfficial
20000Distributed Network Protocol (DNP), a protocol used in SCADA systems between communicating RTU‘s and IED‘sOfficial
Usermin, Web-based Unix/Linux user administration tool (default port)Unofficial
YesUsed on VoIP networks for receiving and transmitting voice telephony traffic which includes Google Voice via the OBiTalk ATA devices as well as on the MagicJack and Vonage ATA network devices.[300]Unofficial
20560YesYesKilling FloorUnofficial
20595Yes0 A.D. Empires AscendantUnofficial
20808YesAbleton LinkUnofficial
21025YesStarbound Server (default), StarboundUnofficial
22000YesSyncthing (default)Unofficial
22136YesFLIR Systems Camera Resource ProtocolUnofficial
22222YesDavis Instruments, WeatherLink IPUnofficial
23073Soldat Dedicated ServerUnofficial
23399Skype default protocolUnofficial
23513??Duke Nukem 3D source portsUnofficial
24441YesYesPyzor spam detection networkUnofficial
24444NetBeans integrated development environmentUnofficial
24465YesYesTonido Directory Server for Tonido which is a Personal Web App and P2P platformOfficial
24554YesYesBINKPFidonet mail transfers over TCP/IPOfficial
24800Synergy: keyboard/mouse sharing softwareUnofficial
24842StepMania: OnlineDance Dance Revolution SimulatorUnofficial
25565YesMinecraft (Java Edition) multiplayer server[319][320]Unofficial
YesMinecraft (Java Edition) multiplayer server query[321]Unofficial
25575YesMinecraft (Java Edition) multiplayer server RCON[322]Unofficial
25826Yescollectd default port[323]Unofficial
26000YesYesid Software‘s Quake serverOfficial
YesEVE OnlineUnofficial
YesXonotic, an open-source arena shooterUnofficial
26900–26901YesEVE OnlineUnofficial
27000YesPowerBuilder SySAM license serverUnofficial
27000–27006Yesid Software‘s QuakeWorld master serverUnofficial
27000–27009YesYesFlexNet Publisher‘s License server (from the range of default ports)Official
27000–27015NoYesSteam (game client traffic)[324]Unofficial
27015NoYesGoldSrc and Source engine dedicated server port[324]Unofficial
27015-27018YesUnturned, a survival gameUnofficial
27015–27030NoYesSteam (matchmaking and HLTV)[324]Unofficial
YesYesSteam (downloads)[324]Unofficial
27016Magicka server portUnofficial
27017YesNoMongoDB daemon process (mongod) and routing service (mongos)[325]Unofficial
27031Ports 27036 & 27037YesSteam (In-Home Streaming)[324]Unofficial
27036YesYesSteam (In-Home Streaming)[324]Unofficial
27037YesPorts 27031 & 27036Steam (In-Home Streaming)[324]Unofficial
27374Sub7 default.Unofficial
27500–27900Yesid Software‘s QuakeWorldUnofficial
27888YesKaillera serverUnofficial
27901–27910Yesid Software‘s Quake II master serverUnofficial
27950YesOpenArena outgoingUnofficial
27960–27969YesActivision‘s Enemy Territory and id Software‘s Quake III ArenaQuake III and Quake Live and some ioquake3 derived games, such as Urban Terror (OpenArena incoming)Unofficial
28001Starsiege: Tribes[citation needed]Unofficial
28015YesRust (video game)[326]Unofficial
28770–28771YesAssaultCube Reloaded, a video game based upon a modification of AssaultCube[citation needed]Unofficial
28785–28786YesCube 2: Sauerbraten[327]Unofficial
28852YesYesKilling Floor[citation needed]Unofficial
28910YesYesNintendo Wi-Fi Connection[328]Unofficial
28960YesYesCall of DutyCall of Duty: United OffensiveCall of Duty 2Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare;[citation needed] Call of Duty: World at War (PC platform)[329]Unofficial
29000??Perfect World, an adventure and fantasy MMORPG[citation needed]Unofficial
29070YesYesJedi Knight: Jedi Academy by Ravensoft[citation needed]Unofficial
29900–29901YesYesNintendo Wi-Fi Connection[328]Unofficial
29920YesYesNintendo Wi-Fi Connection[328]Unofficial
30564YesMultiplicity: keyboard/mouse/clipboard sharing software[citation needed]Unofficial
31337YesBack Orifice and Back Orifice 2000 remote administration tools[330][331]Unofficial
31416??BOINC RPC[332]Unofficial
31438YesRocket U2[333]Unofficial
32137YesYesImmunet Protect (UDP in version 2.0,[334] TCP since version 3.0[335])Unofficial
32400YesPlex Media Server[336]Official
32764Yesbackdoor found on certain Linksys, Netgear and other wireless DSL modems/combination routers[337]Unofficial
32887YesAce of Spades, a multiplayer FPS video game[citation needed]Unofficial
32976YesLogMeIn Hamachi, a VPN application; also TCP port 12975 and SSL (TCP 443).[338]Unofficial
33848YesJenkins, a continuous integration (CI) tool[339][340]Unofficial
34000YesInfestation: Survivor Stories (formerly known as The War Z), a multiplayer zombie video game[verification needed]Unofficial
34197NoYesFactorio, a multiplayer survival and factory-building game[341]Unofficial
35357YesOpenStack Identity (Keystone) administration[342]Official
37008YesTZSP intrusion detection[citation needed]Unofficial
40000YesYesSafetyNET p – a real-time Industrial Ethernet protocolOfficial
41121YesYesTentacle Server[343] – Pandora FMSOfficial
43110YesZeroNet web UI default port[citation needed]Unofficial
44405YesMu Online Connect Server[citation needed]Unofficial
44818YesYesEtherNet/IP explicit messagingOfficial
47808YesYesBACnet Building Automation and Control Networks (4780810 = BAC016)Official

Dynamic, private or ephemeral ports

See also: Ephemeral port

The range 49152–65535 (215 + 214 to 216 − 1) contains dynamic or private ports that cannot be registered with IANA.[345] This range is used for private or customized services, for temporary purposes, and for automatic allocation of ephemeral ports.

49152–65535YesNoCertificate Management over CMS[346]
60000–61000Port 22YesRange from which Mosh – a remote-terminal application similar to SSH – typically assigns ports for ongoing sessions between Mosh servers and Mosh clients.[347]

See also

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